Enjoy your new laminate floor for longer

It goes without saying that you want to keep your new laminate floor spic and span as long as possible. You want your floor to look like new for the coming five, seven or even ten years. And that won’t even take all that much effort. In fact, nothing could be easier thanks to the following tips!

1. Start with doormats

Put elegant and effective doormats in front of all doors leading outside. These doormats will keep sand and other dirt from entering your house, thus preventing unnecessary scratching and wear. Don’t want to take any chances? Put a second doormat outside the door!

2. Add a little felt

Provide tables, chairs, sturdy coffee tables – actually, all your furniture – with felt floor glides. No more scraping or creaking – and therefore no scratches. Not only good for your floor, but also soft on the ears!

3. An extra mat for heavy-duty use

Does your office chair have wheels? Does it constantly roll across the same area? If so, your floor needs a transparent plastic mat! You will hardly notice it’s there and it will stop an otherwise guaranteed worn-out spot from developing. Of course, some office chairs have soft wheels, but why would you want to take that risk?

4. Cleaning and maintenance

For everyday or weekly cleaning, all you need is a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush and a slightly damp cloth. A microfibre mop is ideal. Do you prefer wet mopping? Then don’t use too much water, as this is not good for the floor. Squeeze your mop out thoroughly and end by mopping your floor with a dry mop. 

5. There is soap, and soap

Do not use any highly concentrated soap or organic detergent on your laminate flooring. They leave a thin, greasy film behind and also make footsteps visible. Do yourself a favour and opt for BerryAlloc Laminate Cleaner, which was developed specifically for your floor. Biodegradable, with a pleasant scent and … a cleaning product that dries without leaving any stripes or smudges. Also suitable for those of us who just aren’t good at cleaning. A dilution of 50 ml per 10 litres of water is more than enough.  

6. Prohibited!

Never, ever use a steam cleaner on your laminate floor, don’t wax, varnish or polish your floor and never attack stains with a scouring sponge!

7. Become a champion stain-killer!

Stick this list on your fridge and combat every stain with the right weapons!

  • Blood? A wrung-out floorcloth is enough! 
  • Coffee, tea, chocolate, juice, milk, wine, drinks, grease? Use a wrung-out floorcloth, a little lukewarm water and some BerryAlloc Laminate Cleaner. 
  • Rubber, oil, tar, shoe polish, soot, nail polish, lipstick, ink, colouring pencils, crayons, paint? Time to get out the heavy artillery: a little acetone or white spirit will bring solace.
  • Candle wax, chewing gum? Wait for it to harden and then carefully scrape off.


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