CHIMIVER and its commitment to the environment

“2020 has put everyone on big challenge by overwhelming us with unexpected events. Our resilience combined with your support, allowed Chimiver to grow and strengthen even in this difficult period. For this reason, Chimiver wants to thank you with a catalog of new products that reflect our company’s commitment to a more sustainable future.” Oscar Panseri

Chimiver has always made innovation; quality and strong ecological awareness are its strong points, promoting a style of responsible corporate organization with a view to sustainable development that minimizes emissions of Co2.

The production systems are powered by energy from renewable sources, just like in the R&D laboratories, the products are made with environmentally friendly raw materials and awarded with national and international certifications. Chimiver is the first company in Europe having achieved the environmental certification ”Plastic Second Life” by using packagings made of more than 90% of recycled plastic.

Chimiver wants to be a pioneer of this important project because environmental sustainability is a responsibility that lives day after day; a commitment aimed to satisfy the needs of the present without harming future generations.


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