Engineered Parquet


Means a floor counterbalanced in two, three or multiple layers of wood, in different dimensions and different forms of wood.
Suitable and recomanded for under-heating floors.

Boards in 3-strip / 1-strip
Flat surface, brushed surface, beveled or not ( 2 or 4sides of the plank ), lacquered, oiled…

Installation : Click system or Tap&Go

Top Layer : OAK, Beech, Ash, Maple, Walnut, Teak, Iroko.
Middle Layer : Spruce / HDF.
Bottom Layer : spruce sheet used for the upper planks balance.

Dimensions in different sizes and thickness (short and very long boards).                                                                                                 

Thickness : 10-18mm.
Length : 350-2500mm.
Width : 70-240mm

Most of the engineered woodenfloors are required finished, with the possibility also unfinished.